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Shrimp, Clams & Oysters

Whalebone Seafood Market

Outer Banks

Crabs and Shrimp

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Our crabbers are out each morning at sunrise fishing pots for the best #1 Male blue crabs these waters have to offer! Choose from live crabs or have them steamed. Females are available with advanced order. Market price.

  • By the dozen

  • 1/2 Bushel (around 3.5 dozen)

  • Bushel (around 7 dozen)

We have Extra Large King Crab Legs, Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters, Dungeness Crab and Stone Crab. Take them home or have us steam them up!

Our Steamed Shrimp have been a tradition for over 30 years! Pick the shrimp, choose your seasoning (mild, medium or heavy) and we do the rest!

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