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Our Products

At Whalebone Seafood Market, we know that you expect a wide variety of the freshest seafood available, and we deliver! But we also make preparing that seafood easy and quick because we carry the spices, rubs, breading and sauces you need right in our store. No need to head out to summer-crowded grocery stores. We’ll can suggest great ways to turn that mahi-mahi into a dinner hit! (Everyone who works at our market has years of experience catching, cleaning and cooking anything that comes out of these waters.) And, yes, we even have the charcoal for that grill!

But, Whalebone Seafood Market offers far more than just our fresh catches. Beyond our popular Steamer Pots, we also make fresh seafood salads and dips – King Crab Salad, Smoked Tuna Salad, Crab Dip and more. They can complement any meal or stand in as a tasty snack on top of crackers or cucumber chips at any time in the day. You’ll also find other prepared foods such as deviled crabs and fresh produce that pairs perfectly such as sweet corn, potatoes, onions, garlic and lemons, most of it locally grown.

And don’t forget that you can also order entire baskets of your favorite steamed seafood. Sitting around a table with a bushel of crabs to pick is a perfect way to pass an afternoon or evening.

Then, to end on a sweet note, we make single-serve desserts daily such as Peanut Butter Pie or Key Lime Pie. Yum!

Let Whalebone Seafood Market put a happy seafood smile on your face!

We Don't Stop at Seafood

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Crabby Mary

Be sure and pick up a Crabby Mary for all your Bloody Mary needs while checking out the local seafood at Whalebone Seafood!

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Fresh Local Seafood

Stop by our market to purchase some of the Outer Banks' freshest seafood!

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Seafood Boil


Stock up on all of the fixings you'll need for a seafood feast or one of our steamed dinners!

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Whalebone Seafood Drink Cooler

Keep your drinks cold with one of our Whalebone Seafood drink cooler! We have a variety of colors, so stop in to get yours!

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Seafood Salads

Get your fill of our various seafood salads and dips!

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Steamed Dinners

Build your own steamer tray at Whalebone Seafood Market!

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