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Steamer Dinners



Whalebone Seafood Market Steamer Dinners and More

Not in the mood to cook? We’ve got your back! Whalebone Seafood Market has been the go-to place for steamed shrimp for years, but lately we’re gaining fame from our Steamer Dinners to go too. We have the largest variety of options of any other market on the Outer Banks. All you do is make your choices, tell us how much spice you want (mild, medium, heavy or none) and give us a pick-up time. It’s a feast that everyone will enjoy, and you can claim the satisfaction without any of the preparation! 

Note that you should call us by 3 p.m. to assure your steamer pot is reserved. The time slots for pick up do tend to fill up in the summer, so the earlier you call, the better.

We even have the crab tools you need to dig into every hard-shelled crustacean in the Steamer Dinners in case you need them.

But if you have a hankering for a bushel of steamed crabs or pounds of perfectly steamed shrimp or crab legs, just call in advance and we’ll have them hot and ready for you.

Call us and order yours! We’re sure it will be the freshest and tastiest prepared seafood you’ve ever had.

Choose from one of our signature steamer dinners or create your own!

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